Medical Cannabis Cultivation Project

Approval to start the implementation process for Europe’s largest medical cannabis cultivation facility, as well as approval for an import and export licence of medical cannabis in Portugal, was secured by Symtomax lda through Infarmed – the Portuguese Government agency accountable to the Health Ministry.

To gain approval from the Portuguese licensing authorities for agricultural sites, applicants have to comply with the Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices guidelines. Some of these measures include implementing high-level security on site, informing of the expertise of staff members, an overview of tracing and tracking software, demonstrating plans of the cultivation site including agricultural fields, greenhouses, propagation rooms, and demonstrating quality control processes.

Experts at Symtomax include some of the most experienced cultivators in the industry, and the likes of Portugal’s former State Secretary of Health and Chairman of the Infarmed Board of Directors, Eurico Carlos Alves, currently a Professor of Surgery at the Integrated Master of Medicine of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, and David Mace, an ex GW pharmaceutical Audit Chairman.

One of the key advantages Symtomax has over other medicinal cannabis producers is access to a huge outdoor cultivation site. As the largest of its type in Europe, the Portugal outdoor site provides unique possibilities for harvesting cannabis plants at a much lower cost and in far higher volumes than ever before, with lower energy consumption than indoor growing. The robust agricultural background of Portugal provides human resources of the highest quality and level of experience. This combines with both a favourable meteorological climate and business climate to deliver optimum conditions for medical cannabis cultivation and distribution.

Symtomax is dedicated to the production, research, cultivation, processing and distribution of medicinal cannabis oil to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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