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Can CBD help with high blood pressure?

Diet and stress

Blood pressure is affected by many different factors. Some of these factors are within our personal control, allowing us to do something about it when it comes to our own health. Diet and stress in particular are two well-known causes of hypertension, and these are factors that we can change ourselves. If you manage to live a less stressful life while maintaining a healthier diet, your body has a very good chance of restoring blood pressure to healthy levels on its own. Is that how it works:

CBD lowers blood pressure

Several cannabinoids, including CBD, are known to lower blood pressure. Consuming CBD causes your body's blood vessels to dilate or widen. Wider blood vessels cause less friction, making it easier for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. Since the heart does not need to put as much pressure on the bloodstream as a result of the veins widening, blood pressure drops. That easy. In fact, you may be consuming CBD for entirely different purposes, and still lower your overall blood pressure as a positive side effect. This is information that you should use with caution, since if your blood pressure drops too low, other problems may arise.

CBD and low blood pressure

By the way, CBD consumption is not advisable for people who have very low blood pressure. After all, CBD will only further lower your blood pressure. This can have negative consequences, so it should be avoided. One of the risks involved in low blood pressure is fainting, which can be dangerous in itself due to the risk of falls, for example.

CBD and high blood pressure

The important thing with high blood pressure is to identify what causes it and then eliminate that cause. As mentioned above, high blood pressure may be due to stress or poor nutrition habits. However, there are many other factors that can cause high blood pressure. That is why it is very important to always consult your doctor. Research has pointed out that CBD actually lowers blood pressure, although it should be noted that these studies involve very high doses of CBD, and so far, no conclusive clinical evidence has been provided.

Combination of CBD with prescription drugs

Your doctor may decide to prescribe medications to keep your blood pressure below a certain limit. Because CBD also lowers blood pressure, the combination of CBD and prescription drugs can be dangerous. Your blood pressure may drop below safe levels. Don't take chances by simply testing how these combinations affect you. Consult with your doctor about your intention to consume CBD, and discuss the best way to do it. There is a chance that you can continue to use your regular medication in smaller doses, as long as you use CBD correctly.

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