About Us

Approval to start the implementation process for cultivation, as well as approval for an import and export licence in Portugal, was secured by Symtomax through Infarmed – the Portuguese Government agency accountable to the Health Ministry.

To gain approval from the Portuguese licensing authorities for agricultural sites, applicants have to comply with the Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices guidelines. Some of these measures include implementing high-level security on site, informing of the expertise of staff members, an overview of tracing and tracking software, demonstrating plans of the cultivation site including agricultural fields, greenhouses, propagation rooms, and demonstrating quality control processes.

Symtomax has been putting in the groundwork for the past three years to ensure it is fully set to supply Europe with its medical cannabis product. Two expert cultivators have been enlisted who have over 35 years combined experience. Their deep knowledge and expertise of growing will help to produce the highest quality, outdoor, organic product.

Washington-born cultivator, Matthew, will be bringing over ten years of experience to the field after spending a decade working with cultivation collectives and fine tuning his drying and curing techniques. Matthew will be companion planting to help keep pests away from the crop, and emphasises his passion for the land’s ecology, leaving space for migration routes through the site.

CEO Olaf van Tulder has 25 years of industry experience that will be utilised. Van Tulder, former CEO of one of Europe’s most well-known cannabis companies, has won various awards for the creation of the most renowned strains in the history of cannabis.

Symtomax Lda have been approved by Infarmed who are the National Authority of Medicines and Health Products in Portugal to start the development and implementation of Europe’s largest medical cannabis cultivation facility.

The business was incorporated in 2017 in Portugal, with a focus on the large-scale supply of medical grade cannabis oil for retail to Pharmaceuticals, National Health Services and cannabis production companies throughout the EU.

The founders began the licensing process a number of years ago, with the cooperation of some highly regarded officials and prominent business persons in Portugal, who sought to improve GDP and manufacturing output of medical cannabis.